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Horses of the Country – An Homage

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Peek through the barn door into some of the chapters you’ll enjoy in Horses of the Country.

Horses at Work on the Farm
Bush work • syrup making • ploughing • flies • haying
• grain harvesting • threshing mills • sweep power • steamers
• brakes and holds

Trotting to Mill and Market - Road Horses
Sociability • water troughs • dogs • cheese factories
• regulations • racing • horse-powered machines
• horse trading • Roma • public horse-sheds • carriage care

A Good Horse
Folklore • reading horses • bad temperaments • training
• “Buyer Beware” • A Horse’s Petition

“A Lantern on the Table. Trouble in the stable ...” - Care and Stabling
Barn rules • mangers • feed • grooming • selling horse hair
• tanneries • harness care • harness makers
• harness ornaments

On your high horse  - Parades and Processions
Funerals • Orange Day Parades • circuses celebrations
• rural fairs

Horsing Around - Youth
Foals • going for the cows • Shank’s pony • learning young
• romance • pranks

“I'm loving your book, savouring it, and making it last by really studying the pictures, and the people. The photos all tell a story.” G. Jones

“Your book is beautiful and the cover is lovely. Horses were so much a part of life on the farm and the book brought back wonderful memories of our horses – especially Jip.” B. Robinson

“Your book is a treasure of information and the coverage of all aspects of horse life with the many photographs and illustrations are relevant and clear. The “shadow boxes” highlighting themes and additional content are an excellent format, but my favourite is the endless collection of anecdotes you’ve assembled –– all informative, full of country objectivity and humour. Your thoroughness in searching out all the quotes and stories make it a bloomin’ page-turner. Thank you for this major undertaking and comprehensive homage. I will treasure Horses of the Country for its sheer quantity of relevant material to the horse era.” M. Cooper